WCAMPWA Scholarships

WCAMPWA Scholarships

The Westchester County Association of Public Works Administrators is proud to offer scholarships to aspiring students in the public works field. As of 2023, WCAMPWA has awarded over $150,000 in scholarships since 1993.

The deadline for receipt of the annually awarded WCAMPWA scholarship applications is May 31. Official presentation of the awards take place at the annual dinner.

Eligibility requirements are as follows:

Scholarships shall be awarded to regular members of the Westchester County Association of Municipal Public Works Administrators, and / or their immediate family on the basis of merit and character. In the event there is no qualified regular member or member of their immediate family or application from such; then, associate members or members or their immediately family, thence any other qualified candidate, shall be eligible for consideration.

Scholarships shall be awarded to a qualified and worthy recipient under the provisions of this scholarship fund who are enrolled in a vocational school, college or university leading to a degree or further advanced degree in the fields of municipal public works, operations and / or management.

The Dolph Rotfeld Scholarship

WCAMPWA has established a new scholarship to honor long time member and influential leader in the engineering field in Westchester.

The Dolph Rotfeld Scholarship has been created to honor the legacy of the late Dolph Rotfeld. This scholarship recognizes Mr. Rotfeld’s contributions, dedication, and longtime support of Westchester municipalities. The scholarship has a high standard and considers college juniors and seniors in civil engineering with a 3.0 GPA looking to pursue a career in Public Works.

Mr. Rotfeld epitomizes the mission of WCAMPWA as he mentored many young engineers over the years and could always be counted on to help them develop their careers.  One of his primary goals was to assist municipal officials and their Public Works Departments in many communities to achieve solutions to a variety of infrastructure, sewage and drainage issues.  As a member of WCAMPWA for many years, Dolph shared a bond with the Public Works Officials and had lifelong friendships with many who served in the municipalities where he worked. 

Please see the complete scholarship application on the WCAMPWA website.

If any applicant encounters difficulty getting page 4 of the application completed and returned by their Advisor/Counselor, please have the counselor email the pertinent information contained on page 4 to margen59@optonline.net. Any questions can also be directed to the email address.