Dig Safely Safety Training Seminar


7:15 am - 2:15 pm


Dig Safely Seminar
455 S. Broadway, Tarrytown, NY, 10591

Once again Dig Safely New York, Inc. will be hosting New York State’s Premier Underground Damage Prevention Safety Training Series!

I invite you to attend any of our Nine FREE Excavator Safety Seminars found throughout the state during the month of March. The locations are distributed to provide a convenient location site in your area.

At Dig Safely New York, Inc. we remain committed to offering impactful and compelling educational sessions which can bring new insights on how you approach safety related to underground facilities and even your everyday lives. Our agenda is organized to keep the pertinent up-to-date laws and educational points as the focal point since your time is valuable and we want everyone to benefit from our events. Last year we introduced Automated Positive Response (APR) to you and this year we will continue to reinforce the benefits of this system. The 2013 program will offer expanded use of the very popular audience transponders which were introduced last year. These devices provide valuable feedback and allow us to tailor our presentations to the audience’s needs.

As always, we try to bring keynote speakers who will deliver messages to you and your employees which will keep you interested and drive home the message of safety in excavation. This year’s keynote speaker, Brad Livingston, will keep you engaged and motivated.

Various continuing education credits will be available. Please note, we do not charge for our credits. NYS Department of Health Water Operator CEU and DEC waste water (sewer) CEU (4.75 hours) credits will be available at all nine events. DECA code enforcement in-service training credits will also be available. Dig Safely New York, Inc. will once again offer this opportunity for attendees by completing separate sign-in sheets. In order to receive credit, you must have an operator’s license number established. Please remember to bring your operator’s license number with you. NYS Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors, Architect and Landscape Architect to whom this will be applicable and Certified Nursery and Landscape Professional credits will be available.

I hope you will attend one of these events so you can prepare yourself and those you work with for a truly safe excavation season in 2013.

March 19th Tarrytown, NY

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The online registration process has changed; however, registering should be an easy step for you and your employees. From the registration link on our home page you will need to click the event you plan to attend from the calendar; and from there the registration process is very simple. Check out our website regularly and be sure to sign up for one of these great, free, and informative events. Be sure to pre-register for these events as it will speed up the registration process the day of the event.

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